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Letter Cats

Letters Cats from WiseCats

Write, erase, view letters and words.

All this in one afffordable app.

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Writing Letters

The name or the sound of the letter is said while the child writes it.

Fun sounds and messages of congratulations if they write the letters correctly.

Children are able to see their writing progress and erase or write over previous efforts.

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See Your Writing

The letters they have written onscreen are are stored from one session to the next. They are displayed automatically, so the child can show you what they have done.


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Write Names, words

They can practice any letter of the alphabet in lower case or upper case.

They can also practice writing full words - any word that you choose for them. It can be their name, or their pet's name, or other familiar words.

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Easy Parental Setup

To keep little hands out, parents have to answer a simple question to get into the settings screen. Parents can then set up:

-Choosing the words for writing practice

-Setting Accent: US, UK, NZ

-Choosing to hear letter name or letter sound when writing.

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