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Learning to hear written music in your head should be no harder than learning to hear written words in your head. In other words, it's not easy, but not as impossible as some people think.

The key to learning to sight read music on any instrument is knowing if the note you've played sounds sensible. Much like when reading a sentence out loud and finding yourself saying something that makes good sense.

By gradually building up your 'note' vocabulary you are able to 'hear' written music. This program starts off in the singing range of children so that they are able to use their first and best intrument 'their voice' while using their all important 'ears' to make sure they're reading correctly.

Each child learns differently so there are many variations that can be chosen to help them learn.

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Listening to notes Sung

Buy pressing the 'play' button children are able to hear the notes sung first by an adult then a child.

Without being prompted children will sing along with the child.

If Solfa note heads are chosen they will also attempt to 'feel' the note by forming the correct hand shape.

Recording Child

Children are able to record themselves and then play it back with or without the adult voice over.

This is very helpful in training their ear to enable them to be able to self-correct.

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See the Lines

Each different line in music corresponds to a different sound. Children are quickly able to grasp this principle buy seeing the 'line' light up that corresponds to the note on the keyboard.

There is a choice of whether the lines are Colour or Black&White depending on what suits the child.

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Steps to indicate note gaps

To help children recognize the distance between notes the 'steps' option can be chosen.

Steps help to show at a glance how big a gap there is.

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Easy Parental Setup

To keep little hands out, parents have to answer a simple question to get into the settings screen. Parents can then set up:

- Which Key: C, G, F, Random

- Finish on key note: Off/On

- Note head style: Solfa, Coloured, Black

- Timing Cue: Off/On
( to help children sing in time when recording themselves)

- Maximum interval: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, All

- Range of Notes 2, 3, 4, 5

- Number of Bars: 1 or 2

- Display Steps: Off/On

- Show Lines: Off/On

Parents are able to decide which options the child should have access to from the options button on their screen.

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